About Short Sales:

A short sale is the sale of a property that falls short of the balance owed on the property's loan, typically the consequence of the borrower's inability to make their mortgage payments. The lender will usually allow this in order to prevent foreclosure, operating under the assumption that in a down market, it is more advantageous to sell the property sooner than later and thus incurring a more moderate loss.

The lender will not provide the occupant with an indefinite period to find a buyer, or the freedom to name what they believe is the market price for the property. A convincing and well-supported price opinion is needed if the buyer wants the lender to go as low as is needed in order to sell the home. A real estate agent with short sale and foreclosure experience is the best person for completing a price opinion that will obtain the most realistic listing price for the market.

What we offer:

Gadish Properties will work with you to secure a successful short sale, offering:
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