Property Management Services:

You want your properties to look their best, to be full of tenants, and to not cost you any more to own than you can help. At Gadish Properties, Inc., property management goes beyond what most other companies provide. We'll work hard to achieve these goals for you, so you can leave the worrying to us.

With Gadish Properties, Inc., you get lessee recruitment, marketing, billing and rent management, eviction services, property maintenance services, and more. From condos to commercial suites, our experience runs the gamut.

What We Offer:

Gadish Properties, Inc. will provide all of the following services for your properties:
Let Gadish Properties, Inc.'s experience work for you. If your company has properties in California and would like to discuss developing a relationship with Gadish Properties, Inc. for the sale and/or management of those properties, please contact us.